Our Mission


The Purpose of the bucks County collaborative group is to:

  • Educate the public and other professionals in and around Bucks County, PA as to what Collaborative Law is and how it can benefit them

  • Help people find qualified Collaborative Professionals in and around Bucks County, PA

  • Enable divorcing families to resolve differences with dignity and cooperation and without court intervention

  • Be a resource for continuing education and current information about Collaborative Divorce for professionals, individuals seeking divorce, and the media

  • Provide a professional platform for certified lawyers, financial advisors, counselors, and other collaborative participants where local and national issues relating to Collaborative Divorce Law may be discussed, educational opportunities expanded and ethical and industry standards may be discussed

BCCLG’s members seek to help families and individuals find a healthy, collaborative way to dissolve their partnership. As part of a Collaborative Law Team they seek to resolve disputes together, facilitate collaborative problem solving and help families manage the financial, emotional and legal impact of divorce. We acknowledge that divorcing parents and partners know their families best and strive to help keep decision making in their hands.

We acknowledge the basic dignity and right to peaceful resolution of every person involved in divorce. We support a calm, problem-solving approach to issues of child care and custody, with the intent of helping divorcing partners’ work together to create the best possible outcome for their children.

Ultimately, we believe that the Collaborative Law process is the latest and best opportunity for couples and families of divorce to recapture the hopefulness and respect with which they began their journey. This allows both sides to preserve self-respect and map a clear path for the future.