Hazel Smith


Hazel Smith
Fox & Roach Realtors 
677-693 S. State Street 
Newtown PA 18940

phone: 215.860.9300 
website: listwithhazel.com 

As a licensed Realtor since 2002, Hazel Smith has experience as a real estate agent and is familiar with the market of the area. Above all, however, Hazel is praised by her clients, past and present, for her trustworthiness. While market knowledge, number sense, and experience are all vital to a Realtor's career, the ability to connect with the client and understand what it is they are seeking out of their sale or purchase is fundamental. With a confident personality and a compassion for serving her clients, Hazel succeeds through her ability to read her clientele and assess exactly what they need, what they have, and what they are concerned with. Honesty is the anchor of her practice.

Though Hazel works with clients of all ages and walks of life, her "calling," so to speak, is dealing with the legal and social repercussions involved with a divorce. Hazel understands the emotions surrounding a divorce. There are many legal processes involved, and Hazel is committed to assisting in dealing with the many issues that may arise when proceeding with a real estate transaction during and after a divorce. Though Hazel's knowledge and assistance of the possible issues within the transactions are invaluable, it is her compassion, support and understanding of the difficult social issues involved with divorce.