Financial Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

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The cost of collaborative divorce…

It can be difficult to estimate the exact cost of a Collaborative Divorce without knowing the details of your individual situation. However, Collaborative Divorce is typically a more cost effective process than traditional litigated divorce. Each professional on your Collaborative Divorce team is paid separately, though their work as a team helps reduce costs.

According to Lexis ONE, the research is clear. When you compare the cost of divorce, the median cost of mediation was $6,600, while the median cost of Collaborative Divorce was $19,723. The median cost of lawyer negotiated settlements was $26,830 while, the median cost of full-scale litigation was $77,746. Source:

With Collaborative Divorce, the process is in the hands of you and your spouse, so the sooner you can reach an agreement, the less you will pay in fees. Every situation is different and fees are discussed individually between each client and professional in the Collaborative Team.

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