Children & Collaborative Divorce

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Children and divorce…

Divorce is a stressful time for everyone involved. When children are part of the equation, they can often be caught in the middle. Even with the most amicable divorces, the change can be a lot for a child to comprehend. Their parents will no longer be living together. They may need to change schools. They will likely not see both parents daily.

A Child Specialist is the perfect addition to your Collaborative Divorce Team when children are involved. The Child Specialist is a licensed mental health profession, trained and experienced in working with parents and children going through divorce.

As a whole, the Collaborative Divorce process takes into account the well-being of children involved in divorce proceedings, with a focus on a fair and amicable solution to help reduce the trauma of divorce. Your Collaborative Divorce Team will help you navigate the issues relevant to your family, including child custody. The Child Specialist will also help each spouse stay focused on the needs and emotions of any children involved.

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