Your Collaborative Divorce Team: Meet the Players 

Finding the right team makes all the difference in life and in Collaborative Divorce. No two divorces are exactly the same, likewise no Collaborative Divorce Teams are exactly the same. Whatever the makeup of your team, it’s important to know each of the players and their role.  

Every Collaborative Divorce Team has 3 core members (who we’ll call the starting lineup) and a variety of supporting teammates (who we’ll refer to as the bullpen). The team’s job is to help you and your spouse find a fair and amicable resolution to your divorce. 

Starting Lineup:

  • Divorce Coach - In a Collaborative Divorce, the Divorce Coach is like the Quarterback or Catcher. They guide the team toward a common goal, in this case a fair resolution to your marriage. The Divorce Coach is an independent party in your divorce, helping both you and your spouse navigate the process and come to terms with the divorce. They will coordinate with the other team members and keep the process moving in the right direction. At BCCLG, our member Divorce Coaches are also mental health professionals, making them a valued resource for the complicated emotions surrounding the process.

  • Divorce Attorneys - You and your spouse will each have a Collaborative Divorce Attorney. It’s important to choose an attorney that has experience in collaborative law. Collaborative Divorce Attorneys are bound and committed to using collaborative techniques to negotiate the terms of the divorce. Both you and your attorneys will sign a ‘Participation Agreement’ at the start of the process agreeing to work together to find a fair resolution and keep the process out of court.

  • Financial Neutral - In many divorces, finances are a contentious issue. Whether there is one or two incomes, pre-marital assets, business ownership, or complex retirement accounts, a Financial Neutral can help both parties come to a mutually agreeable settlement. They will use their training and experience to help educate you and your partner about the financial choices and consequences of each settlement option, gather key financial information, manage financial expectations, discuss taxes, cash flow, budgets, financial planning, and consult with the Collaborative Team. 

Bullpen Players:

  • Child Specialist - A Child Specialist can join the team if there are minor children in your family and the couple mutually decide to use their services. The Child Specialist will help to keep the best interest of your children top of mind, as negotiations about child custody, support, and tuition planning come into discussion. The Child Specialist can also help you and your spouse determine the best time and method to explain to your children what divorce means for your family. 

  • Financial Advisor- The Financial Advisor can help you plan for the road ahead, providing guidance on financial planning post-divorce.

  • Insurance Agent - As you begin the divorce process you may realize that you will no longer have insurance coverage. If that’s the case, an insurance agent can help you ensure there is no lapse in coverage as your divorce approaches.

  • Mortgage Agent & Realtor - In most cases, you and your spouse will decide to no longer live together post-divorce. Whether you are selling the family home and trying to find a new house of your own or looking for a rental until you’re ready to make the next move, a trained mortgage agent and realtor can help you find your next home. Your mortgage agent can also assist with pre-approval of a mortgage for 1 or both spouses.

It’s important that you find a team you’re comfortable working with. To learn more about our members and the different roles they play on the Collaborative Divorce Team, visit our Members section.