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Is My Spouse Entitled To Part Of My Inheritance In The Divorce?

Inheritance” is money, property, rights or obligations received by an individual received after the death of another individual. The transfer of these funds, property rights or obligation is called a “bequest”. In Pennsylvania, the property or money received by bequest is not marital. It belongs to the individual who received it.

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Millennials And Divorce

Millennials are getting married less, and when they do marry, they marry later than their parents’ generation, are usually educated beyond high school, and have their careers and finances on the right track. Not surprisingly, millennials are more likely to have prenuptial agreements. The fact is, since fewer millennials marry and fewer married millennials divorce, those who do divorce find themselves alone.

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How We Protect Your Business In Divorce Or Mediation

If you are going through a divorce, you need help from an experienced divorce professional to save as much of your business’s assets as possible. Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state, which means that, if a divorce goes to court, all marital property will be divided equitably, though not necessarily equally. This includes a business, even if it pre-existed the marriage, and even if the spouse has no ownership.

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