Benefits Of Collaborative Divorce


The benefits of collaborative divorce

Divorce is never easy. It can be expensive, time consuming, and emotionally unsettling. With Collaborative Divorce, some of the common stressors of divorce are alleviated through a resolution process designed to preserve the integrity and dignity of families going through the divorce process.

Collaborative Divorce provides many benefits to participating couples and their families, including:

  • More cost effective than traditional litigation

  • Takes less time than going to court

  • Keeps families out of stressful court situations, therefore safeguarding children from undue trauma while protecting their needs

  • Removes the toxic nature of conventional divorce, providing more amicable solutions that can preserve relationships afterwards

  • Provides a support system encompassing expert legal and financial guidance, as well as compassion for all involved

  • Establishes conditions that result in respectful and open dialogue toward a mutually agreeable settlement

  • A more comprehensive agreement is often reached, based on respectful negotiations, mediation, and cooperation between parties, where you and your partner decide the issues, rather than by a judge in court

  • Focuses on the well being of the family beyond divorce

If you are interested in learning if Collaborative Divorce is right for your unique situation, contact the Bucks County Collaborative Law Group to schedule your free 30-minute consultation.