What is a Collaborative Divorce?
The bottom line of Collaborative Divorce is that both you and your spouse pledge to stay out of court. This is the very core of the process and the key reason it works so well as an alternative to traditional divorce litigation. When a couple enters into the Collaborative Divorce process, they first meet individually with their respective attorneys to discuss their particular situation and needs. After that, a contract called a Participation Agreement is signed by each spouse and their lawyer, vowing not to go to court. Once this is signed by all four parties, the very promise compels each side to work together in good faith toward a respectful conclusion.

The process entails a commitment to cooperate with open lines of communication and information sharing, including full financial disclosure, and issues such as child custody and property division. Collaborative Divorce helps bring dialogue to the table, along with negotiations and mediation based less on emotion and more on logic, culminating in a quicker transition and a more civil settlement for all.

As attorneys, financial consultants, and divorce coaches, we work as a team to help each spouse, providing support at every step. If and/or when there is a need for other related professionals such as child specialists, mortgage consultants, realtors, and more, they can become part of the team to help bring cohesive and satisfying solutions to each spouse and their children.

Collaborative Divorce is successful for so many families because it is based on the desire to work things out in a positive and mature manner and a willingness to come to a mutually acceptable conclusion that is best for all involved.
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