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Collaborative Divorce: A Tool to Help Couples Plan for Their Future ... Apart
author  |  Candice L. Komar
... Read More

Getting Divorced Without Going to Court
author  |  Bonnie Raynes, Esquire
Most of my clients in the first meeting ask me, "Do I have to go to court? "  They are concerned that court appearances will be needed to get a divorce, see their children after they move out of ... Read More

Untying the Knot
author  |  ron panko
This is a recent article feature in the June edition of Besty Review Magazine. TImothy Adams, former President of the Bucks County Collaborative Law Group, Tracey Timby, Esq the current President of Bucks County Collaborative Law Group and Board Member, ... Read More

A Guide - Telling Children About Divorce
author  |  erin tighe von zuben, ph.d. and bonnie raynes, esq
A Guide - Telling Children About Divorce When Tell your children only after you have made a final decision to separate or divorce. Children should never be placed "in the middle of" parents, and it is not appropriate to put ... Read More

Children and the Collaborative Divorce (Transcript)
author  |  dr. erin von zuben
Show: Children and the Collaborative DivorceAired: 12/17/2010 5:00 PM UTCHost: Tim AdamsDescription: Dr. Erin von Zuben will discuss the global impact of divorce on children and how the Collaborative Divorce can help reduce the negative effects of a traditional divorce ... Read More

Top Ten Questions Clients Ask About Collaborative Divorce
author  |  Bonnie Raynes, esq and Joanne Kleiner, esq
1.       What are the benefits of collaborative divorce? The benefits of collaborative divorce are many.  First and foremost, you avoid going to court, which for many people is intimidating and even traumatic.  With collaborative, you are in control of the ... Read More

author  |  stephen r. van schoyck, ph.d.
COLLABORATION: DIVORCING WITH DIGNITY Stephen R.Van Schoyck, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist Langhorne, Pennsylvania   Choosing the Collaborative Option In my 25 years of practice as a clinical psychologist, I have had the privilege of helping many couples resolve their differences ... Read More

Collaborative Law...Helping Families Move to a Stronger Future
author  |  joanne e. kleiner, esquire
I'll never forget a custody case I had some years ago.  I sat in a judge's chambers and watched while he asked three girls between the ages of 6 and 13 if they'd rather live with their mother or ... Read More

Divorce without Anger
author  |  deborah meyrowitz weiss, m.ed., mft
Once we have made the decision to separate from and divorce our partner, we are faced with the emotional fallout. Not just your emotions, but your estranged partner’s and if there are children, theirs as well.  What seemed to be ... Read More

Collaborative Law in Bucks County (Transcript)
author  |  eleanor flannery, esquire
Show: Collaborative Law in Bucks CountyAired: 10/12/2010 6:00 PM UTCHost: Tim AdamsDescription: Join Collaborative Law Radio today to hear Eleanor Flannery, Esq share her thoughts on collaborative divorce in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  With nearly 30 years experience in family law ... Read More

Child Custody: “Best Interests” enumerated under new law
author  |  joseph d. visco, esquire
On January 24th of this year, child custody law in Pennsylvania changed.  Previously, child custody disputes where decided by a judge based upon the “best interests of the child” standard.  This broad standard gave litigants, counsel and judges broad discretion ... Read More

Collaborative Divorce
author  |  joseph d. visco, esquire
Over 50% of all married couples will divorce.  Over 60% of those who get divorced will divorce again.  In Bucks County alone, almost 1,500 couples a year file for divorce.  Divorce is, unfortunately, big business.     The current recession only ... Read More

Even though Mommy and Daddy are getting divorced you can still be a family.
author  |  tracy a. timby, esquire
I attended my nephew's first communion on Saturday.  It is a Catholic sacrament that the children and their parents have to prepare for over a period of months.  It is similar to the Bar or Bat Mitzvah in the ... Read More

Getting Divorced Without Going to Court in Bucks County (Transcript)
author  |  tracy anne timby, j.d, ms
Show: Getting Divorced Without Going to Court in Bucks CountyAired: 10/15/2010 4:00 PM UTCHost: Tim AdamsDescription: Join Collaborative Talk Radio to hear Newtown Attorney Tracy Timby discuss Collaborative Divorce in Bucks County, PA. Tracy Anne Timby, J.D, MS  is a ... Read More

Collaborative Law process helps families in divorce create child sharing and parenting agreements
author  |  carol l. o'connell, j.d.
Collaborative Law process helps families in divorce create child sharing and parenting agreements Carol L. O'Connell, JD is an accredited mediator, Divorce & Conflict Coach member of Bucks County Collaborative Law Group. She specializes in supporting families and couples in ... Read More

A cooperative spirit on divorce.
author  |  kate fratti, bucks county courier times
Husband and I have been married 28 years. Most of them happily. Still, there were lots of days over the course of those nearly three decades when both of us wondered if we should run screaming from this blessed union ... Read More

Collaborative Divorce Avoids Discovery Saves Money and Time, Reduces Stress and Maintains Your Privacy
author  |  joanne kleiner and bonnie raynes
Collaborative divorce has many benefits. Anyone interested in learning more about or has questions about the Collaborative Process please feel free to contact Joanne Kleiner or Bonnie Raynes, two attorneys dedicated to the Collaborative Process. One benefit that is ... Read More

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